Since your recommendations have performed very well, you
have my attention!

Keep up the good work,


Hello Greg:

I have read your writings for a couple of months now and find them worth every minute of my time. You are very concise and for the most part try to keep the personal feelings separate from what goes on the page.

Please continue writing just the way that you have in the past. It really helps many of us (from a layman’s perspective) to have a source of information that supports our own view of where Gold is leading to, as well as puts things that we may not normally see clearly into view. You seem to be able to do this without going through all the scientific jargon that many other writers seem to want to impress us with. We all want to be able to profit in this Bull market, or at the very least retain our existing level of wealth. It’s not easy keeping your finger from pushing the sell button, especially when you start reading other reports of negativity. However, we also want to get the timing right so that we can exit the party before it’s over!! Hopefully we’ll recognize that time when it comes.

Thanks again for your time and indepth writings,

Cheers, Ralph


Saw your January 17, 2006 write-up,looks like the
jury came in with $70 oil. TGC looking strong with
open market insider buying at $1.13. Still following
the stock?

Ed – Yes I am

Smart man,the stock should be over $2 by the time 2nd
q numbers are released if not before as long as oil
stays above 65.

This mornings press release tells us 1q numbers will
be good and the rest of the year should get better.



Dear Sir:
I am inclined to sign up for youyr service – in regards to sstocks mentioned for purchase, do any list on Canadian exchanges?
(If they only list on the Australian exchange, I can’t buy them.
TM, M.D.
Ed – 80% are Canadian or US listed. 20% Australian.


I read with great interest your method of investing. I feel the same way
about holding onto physical gold and silver, you never feel
that affected by stock price movements. I have open gold and silver mining
stocks that I have held from 2003 through all the corrections because I
feel no matter how much they have gained (more than half) we are still
in the very beginning phase of the bull market. I had never thought of
selling the stocks and taking delivery of the stock certificates. Since
you sell the stocks but they are not yet liquidated, are the taxes
(captal gains) also deferred until the certificates are liquidated? This
seems to be the main reason for doing this as a way of locking in the
value of the stocks and keeping them until you want to cash them in. This
was a very important revelation to me as simple as it is. I plan to ask
my broker about getting certificates when I sell. I am sure there is a
fee. I read a lot on gold and investing and your article was one of the
best and most important for me as it may change my methods of
investing. Keep up the good work. I sure would appreciate a response, but
understand if you can’t respond to all emails. Sincerely, Mr Ames


I want to thank you. I bought after your recomendation at. .56 and sold today at .91 I hape for a pull back and will get back in.


I live in Indianapolis Indiana


You have helped me increase my earnings trading with cfd certificates.  Before i was struggling to break even.  Now i am earning 5 figures every month.   Gold is now a corner stone of my trading strategy.

Richard (CFD-handel.nu)


Hello Greg,
Enjoyed your recent reports and congrats on spiffing them up. You’re
definitely a new and welcome presence on the stock prognosticator scene, and I suspect you’ve begun to gather a following already.

I have few questions and would like to speak with you if you have a few


Michael, Baltimore


Hi Greg

I just subscribed to your newsletter and would like to know more about investing in Australia.

Jack M



Do you have any further info on this one [NCR].Sounds interesting. Looked on yahoo biz …seems they are not v enthusiastic re the gold,but clearly pursuing the Uri. Any analysis or where i can find it would be appreciated.

Got into DYL, 500,000 v exciting. Already long in BHP.

Fascinated by your site and your lifestyle. Good luck

Kind regards KK (UK)


HI Mr Silberman,

Enjoy your analysis on Gold-Eagle. Always powerful. I thank you for your courage and blessed knowledge and wanting to speak the truth.

Brian S
Media PA.


Hi Greg;

My name is Ken, I live in NW Alabama. I’ve read several of your articles that have appeared on Gold Eagle and a few other places. I do believe that you are a sincere, compassionate, honest, SHARP as a tack stand up kinda guy…

I believe that you see the future as I do; with some VERY dangerous possibilities, and some FOR SURE BIG TIME DECLINES.

I’m blown away at how complacent the American people are, especially the white collar financial types. Their mind set is over the top arrogance, with this cocky attitude of “well it’s never really happen to us, and it will not because we are America” that has this in your face pathetic delivery to it. It makes me sick!!!

Financial history is 100% on how this ends…….. in tears and utter chaos with tyranny from the top down. I feel like a stranger on a distant far away planet, trying to get people to see the TRUTH, that it’s ALL a massive scam, with a Ponzi twist.

Anyway, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your generous assessments and spot on analysis. How old are you? Where are you originally from?

And how much do you charge for your investment letter?

Kind Regards,

BAMA :o)


I cam across your site on Gold-Eagle.com and its just what I have been looking for and will be joining tonight or tomorrow morning at work 🙂

Im new to the online investing services and find it fasinating how one can make money sellling thier profession advice! Its great!

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you


Hi Greg

Please add me to your a-mail notices as I find your views interesting and would like to share more info with you in future,

Chat soon

Marco A
South Africa


Your stagflation piece
Excellent and prescient! One grammatical quibble, misuse of possessive: “public increases its perception”, not “it’s”…..
John Rothchild
Ex-columnist Time/Fortune, author of the Peter Lynch books, gold bug since 2002….


Hi Greg,

My name is Robert I live in New South Wales. I am a retiree and am a frequent, and enthusiastic, visitor to your web sit.

I am heavily invested in gold, silver, copper and other commodities in Australia and on the Toronto Exchange in Canada where I have investments in 30 odd junior explorers.

Thank you [for your work] and wish you all the best in pursuit of excellence in this tricky little minefield we tread.

Kind Regards,