Newsflash: Portfolio Return for 2006 +41

Gold is going over $1,000 per Ounce and a LOT HIGHER.
Crude Oil $200 and Gas at the Pump $10+ per Gallon.
Silver, currently at $12 per Ounce will probably end the Decade WAY OVER $100.
And don’t even get me started on the Bull Market in URANIUM!

The investment opportunities are MIND BOGGLING and the reasons behind them absolutely FASCINATING!

I’ve been investing in the Stock Market for nearly 20 years. The stock market fascinated me from an early age and that fascination has never wavered.

As far as mankind is concerned, the stock market is the closest thing we’ve got to a crystal Ball! The stock market looks ahead not behind. Prices change based on the outlook for the Future not the past.

I’m a qualified Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®).
I’ve lived on 4 Continents and worked in Derivatives for one of the Biggest Banks in the World.
I’ve written for countless publications about my investment strategies.  You can read my texts here, on the blog, on aktiemä and many other online and printed publications.

Anyone who tells you making Money in the market is easy is a LIAR!
But not for the reasons you may believe.
You see, it’s not impossible to know the future.
I’ll show you how.
Believe it or not, it is possible to know where markets are going!
What’s extremely difficulty is to follow your Convictions. To stay with your Position.
That’s why Traders and Investors look for Support.
To FIRM up their convictions when they waiver.
And believe me, in the stock market, they’ll waiver.

If you give me the chance, I want to be the one to Guide you through what promises to be THE MOST PROFITABLE and EXCITING ride of our lives:-

The Gold and Oil Bull Market of 2000 – 2020

The year 2000 was a monumental year for many reasons:-

  1. It was the new Millennium
  2. A new Promise, a new Start.
  3. The Future had Arrived.
  4. And so did the Stock Market Bear!

The year 2000 to 2002 saw the US Stock Market Shave off 40% of its Value.
Yeah, I know you say it’s past tense.
Well, is it?
You see, strange things happen in the affairs of men.
Every 20 years or so the markets do a SWITCH AROUND.
What was popular for the last 20 years begins to lose favor.
That which was forgotten and written-off begins to Rise in Value.

Dow : Gold Ratio

There is no area where this trend is more pronounced than the Dow : Gold Ratio.

The Dow : Gold ratio tells you how many ounces of Gold it takes to buy 1 Share in the Dow. When the Chart is rising, Stocks outperform Gold. When it falls, visa-versa.

Dow : Gold Ratio

  • From approximately 1911 – 1929 the Dow Outperformed Gold. 18 years.
  • From 1929 to 1945 Gold Outperformed the Dow. 26 years.
  • From 1950 to 1968 the Dow Outperformed. 28 years.
  • ‘68 to ‘82 Gold Outperformed. 14 years.
  • ’82 – 2000 the Dow. 18 years.
  • 2000 – 2020 Gold Outperforms??

Are we now in a period where Gold Outperforms Stocks?
I think the answer is conclusively YES.

What’s special about 20 years?
The most plausible reason I’ve read is that it takes 20 years for a generation to forget!
Almost nobody today believes Gold is the next BIG THING.
PREVAILING REALITY: Real Estate, Stocks & Bonds only go 1 Way.
Sound familiar?

Investing RULE #1: The Public are wrong more often than not. Buy what the Public is Selling and Sell what they’re Buying.

The market has changed profoundly. We are now in a 20 year period when Gold (and other Commodities) will handsomely outperform Stocks and Bonds. EARLY RECOGNITION OF THIS WILL MAKE YOU A FORTUNE.

Some newsletter services advertise Quick Money.
Is it possible?
I guess it is, I haven’t come across a service that consistently makes the Gains advertised Year-In and Year-Out.

Here’s a Secret:

The BIG Money in the Market.
The Really BIG Money, is not made by trading.
Big Money, Legendary Wealth is made by buying EARLY and Staying Long.
Sitting Tight, adding during corrections and Holding through 10 to 20 years of a Bull Market.
That’s how BIG money is Made!
Those people who bought the Dow at 1,000 in 1982 and sold at 11,000 in 2000 have seen their wealth increase 10x. Probably more!

There’s no reason this can’t be You.

Investment Strategy:

In my newsletter I discuss and practice techniques to help you Buy Right and Sit Tight.

I focus on Resource Stocks that everyone ignores. Stocks that are sold down, sold out, UNLOVED. That’s where the value can be found!

I use a Proven Formula for finding stocks. My picks are based on intense research. I look at factors such as Directors Dealings, Valuation Ratios and Technical Analysis.

I could report to you that I have stocks in my portfolio that are up over 200% -because I do. But that’s not the best representation of my performance.

You see, my investment style is to sell half my position when a stock rises 50% PERIOD.
I’ve taken a lot of flack for this approach – many readers point out that if the stock keeps moving higher I miss out on LARGE gains.
It’s a valid point but my answer is always the same.
Trying to be too GREEDY and holding a big position has caused me untold stress and loss. I’ve been burnt before! For my personality and style, taking half off the table gives me excellent peace of mind and still keeps me in the GAME.

What I do with the other 50% is the FUN part.

At the bottom of my office drawer is my TREASURY.
The remaining half goes directly into the TREASURY.
I take delivery of the Stock certificate; remove all prices, alerts, stops and targets from my quote boards (except when I report my portfolio to subscribers).
This is the GRAVY. I can sit on those certificates as long as it takes.
I lose no sleep if they go up or down – I’ve recovered most of my original investment already.
I’m in it for the long haul and it’s the Treasury holdings that get me there.

There’ll come a time to liquidate the Treasury. But that’s at the top of this Bull Market. Which is still quite a way away.

A better way to describe my performance would be:

  • 11 of my last 20 stock picks resulted in 50% profits.
  • The Jury is still out on 8 of them. Although on balance they are showing profits. We wait Patiently.
  • 1 of them got stopped out for a 25% loss. Hey, you can’t Win ‘em all!

You see, you don’t have to be a genius in the stock market.
But you do have to be tenacious and willing to work on yourself.
The stock market will expose your Weaknesses.
The best approach is to formulate a style and STICK with it no matter what.
Then the profits come.
I’ve done that and I’ll share it with you.

Here’s an interesting Fact:

The periods when Gold outperformed Stocks were not the ‘Best of Times’.
In fact they were Nasty Times.
Times best remembered for bad things. Wars. Inflation. Crashes.
Unfortunately this time won’t be different – which makes it even more important to have the conviction and tools to invest right and stick with it.

This decade has already opened with:

  • War on Terrorism.
  • The Patriot Act which severely reduces American’s privacy.
  • War in Iraq.
  • Potential War in Iran.
  • Russia, Venezuela, Nigeria all talking tough on Oil.

Investing RULE #2: Invest with the Times.
Times where Commodities outperform Stocks are best known as War periods. Certainly nobody wants War. But if we’re in a War period, better to be invested right than to face financial ruin (as many will). I’ll show you how.


Commodity Wars are all about Scarcity.
There is no substance more precious and scarce than Oil.
Like Blood to Humans, Oil is the lifeblood of the modern economy.

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of Communism. Since the advent of the Internet and ease of Knowledge transfer. Approximately 2 Billion people have joined the Capitalist system. China, India, former Soviet Union countries are rapidly Developing and becoming major Competitors for the World’s Oil!

Producers: The Middle East is the largest Oil producing area in the World. A most Unstable and unfriendly region for the US.

MASSIVE investment opportunities have already arisen in Alternative Energy Sources e.g. Uranium and the Canadian Oil Sands. My newsletter has scored BULLS EYE hits on these themes. IT’S ONLY THE BEGINNING!

The Oil story is the one that worries the public most.
It’s the most Visible.
Everyone fills up with Gas. Everyone sees prices at the pump going Way Up.
(Not to mention increases in Home Heating Costs, Food, Property Taxes, Education, Health Insurance etc. etc.)


A more invisible and sinister risk lies just beyond the Horizon completely unbeknown to the Masses.
It’s already happening.

The Dollar buys less and less as days go by.
The problem is that the devaluation is accelerating! Prepare for a total Collapse in the purchasing power of the Dollar!

The Government says that Inflation is negligible – Come On!
This government is spending so much money there is NO WAY it will ever Pay off its debts.
In addition the public has been encouraged to borrow more and go further into debt themselves (particularly through housing).
There is only 1 way all these debts will be paid.
Crank Up the Printing Press and let ‘er Fly.
Inflation here we come!
The one and only reason the US has been allowed to get this deep into debt is because the World accepts its Currency. A paper currency backed by nothing.
The US can print as many Dollars as it likes and the World accepts them Ofcourse this is inflationary. At some point the World will refuse to accept Green paper backed by empty promises. When that happens, the fall in the value of the Dollar will become an Avalanche.


There is only 1 way to protect yourself against this form of THEFT. BUY GOLD! In fact from 2000 to 2006 the price of Gold has nearly TRIPLED, going from $250 to $725. And it’s only beginning. What we’re seeing is ‘Smart’ Money making a Wholesale exit from the Dollar.

Keeping you in the Game.

I work hard at producing quality, enjoyable and well thought out Analysis.
My newsletter makes regular Gold and Energy Stock recommendations.
I’ve helped subscribers build a core position and take Good profits off the table at regular intervals.
I spend lots of time sifting through Company Reports, Drilling Results and Charts.
Researching and recommending the best Value plays out there.
I do the research, you stay in the game!

I love this stuff!
I’m so PASSIONATE about it.
I’ll be doing it ‘til the Day I die (may it be in very the distant future).
If you thought the Tech Boom was Crazy? I’d say you ain’t seen nothing Yet!

If you subscribe to my newsletter I’ll provide you with:

  • Regular Market Commentary (every 7 to 10 days depending on market conditions).
  • A view of my Portfolio and Performance.
  • Stock Recommendations (80% of my stock recommendation trade in Canada and the USA. The other 20% in Australia).
  • Exact entry and exit points.
  • I tell you what percentage of my funds I invest in each stock, what percentage I take profits on and what percentage I let Ride.
  • I provide Warrant and Option strategies when they arise. But never more than 5% of my total portfolio value.
  • Emotional Support to keep you in the game longer and as a result more profitable.

We’re on the doorstep…
We’re already in the passageway, of the Greatest Commodity Boom the World has EVER seen. Subscribe now and get onboard to Make Your Fortune!